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14 and up
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1 - 4
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180 minutes
Adam Kwapiński
Awaken Realms

Lords of Ragnarok: Valkyrie Hero
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  • UNLEASH THE FEROCIOUS VALKYRIE: The Lords of Ragnarok Valkyrie Hero Expansion introduces Brunhild, a formidable valkyrie who leads her armies to glory. Witness her unwavering determination as she inspires her troops, even at the cost of their lives, and grows stronger with each heroic sacrifice.

  • STRATEGIC HEROIC SACRIFICE: Experience the unique gameplay dynamic of Brunhild's heroic sacrifice. As she leads her armies into battle, her sacrifice only serves to enhance her power, making her an unstoppable force on the battlefield. Embrace the strategic choices and thrilling risks associated with Brunhild's heroic path.

  • IMMERSIVE GAMEPLAY: Integrate Brunhild seamlessly into your Lords of Ragnarok game by simply shuffling her Hero tray with the existing Hero trays. Unlock a whole new level of strategic possibilities as you harness the unmatched strength and resilience of this valiant warrior.

*NOTE* This is an expansion for Lords of Ragnarok (Core Set), the core set is required for play.