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Suggested Age:
12 and up
No. of Players:
1 - 6
Game Duration:
60 minutes
Thomas Lehmann
Rio Grande Games

Race for the Galaxy: Rebel vs Imperium
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As the Imperium crushes outlying systems, Rebel worlds begin to ally, politically and militarily. Meanwhile, the Uplift Code, within the genomes of the Alien Overlords’ former servitor races, is being sequenced. Can you build the most prosperous and powerful space empire in a galaxy where border-conflicts rage?

This second expansion for Race for the Galaxy delves into the growing conflict between the Rebel and Imperium forces. This expansion increases player interaction by adding takeover rules that allow players to conquer military worlds in other players' tableaus. 

In combination with the earlier expansion, The Gathering Storm, a 6th player may now join the great galactic Race!

  • one replacement Gambling World
  • 3 new Start World cards, numbered 9 to 11
  • 9 action cards (for a 6th player)
  • 41 new game cards
  • 1 contest entry card
  • 6 Military/takeover status slides
  • 24 cubes to track Military/status
  • 3 counters to track special Military
  • 1 takeover disk
  • 6 victory point (VP) chips: 3 @ 1, 2 @ 5, and 1 @ 10 (the third 1 VP chip is a spare)
  • 2 “Most” goals (large tiles)
  • 3 “First” goals (small tiles)
  • 1 additional 3 VP goal chip
  • 4 counters for solitaire game

*NOTE* This is not the full game, Race for the Galaxy is required for play. The Gathering Storm is recommended for play, but not necessary (except to enable solo play or a 6-player game).