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Suggested Age:
5 and up
No. of Players:
2 - 4
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< 30 minutes
Kai Haferkamp
Swan Panasia Games

Save the Treasure of Fairy Tales 拯救童話
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Story: An evil king has burned all fairy tale books. Only one is left, and its sheets have been shredded and scattered in an enchanted garden. Now the players must hurry and find the matching pieces, and leave the garden with them, before the king returns.

Play: At any time, three book tiles are visible, the others are hidden below garden tiles. The player in turn may move up to two garden tiles (or rows of tiles). If there are two matching fairy tale pages visible after this move, he can collect this tale. If he doesn't find a match, the king moves one step. In addition, the player can move his pawn to an adjacent garden tile, or out of the garden if at the gate (but in this case, he can't collect any more tales).

Goal: The players must find as many tales as possible (preferably all), and leave the garden. If the king finishes his track, and there are still players left in the garden, all players lose.

尋找童話故事書~透過這款遊戲你可以學到:移動卡片的技巧、記住很多童話故事、比邪惡的國王領先一步⋯ 獲得無限歡樂!

1. 邪惡的國王把童話故事書一頁一頁撕破,丟在城堡花園的各個角落。

2. 透過移動草地卡,孩子們合作將同一頁的兩半拼在一起。

3. 但是,孩子們有辦法在國王散步回來之前將整本童話都拼好嗎?

*NOTE* This is an English & Traditional-Chinese bilingual edition. 這是繁體中文/英文雙語版。(Chinese)