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13 and up
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2 - 4
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60 minutes
Christopher Boelinger
Z-Man Games

Earth Reborn
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500 years after the devastation of the Earth, two factions arise from their underground cities. NORAD - militaristic, scientific, paranoid. Salemites - occultists experimenting with the revival of the dead. Both factions meet for the first time and instantly clash.

Earth Reborn
is a miniature-based board game with infinite possibilities. The game simulates conflicts between emerging factions in a post-apocalyptic universe where each faction is looking to become the dominant force of the New Earth. You control a squad of diverse characters, leading their journeys through rich story-based adventures and very specific missions.

The game features numerous innovative mechanics that go far beyond the usual move, shoot, and combat actions, thus propelling the game to the frontier between role playing games and board games.

A tutorial in nine richly developed scenarios gets you right in the middle of the action, allowing you to learn the rules progressively. Each scenario is a full game with high replayability value.
The board is modular to the extreme, allowing players to use their creativity to imagine and design new scenarios.

And to top it all, Earth Reborn features a unique and revolutionary Scenario Auto-Generating System (S.A.G.S.) that produces highly-engaging games every time, each different and with infinite combinations.