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Dominic Crapuchettes
North Star Games, LLC

Wits & Wagers: It's Vegas, Baby!
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Introducing Wits & Wagers: It's Vegas, Baby!

With millions of Wits & Wagers sold and tons and tons of feedback from the fans, the publisher have created the best version yet of this “evergreen” game.

  • All new questions: Thanks to the help of trivia expert Brent Povis (Jeopardy contestant, winner of The Weakest Link, and designer of the beloved game Morels), the new Wits & Wagers questions are some of the funniest and most surprising we've made. For example, do you know how many Moose cause car accidents in Alaska each year?

  • More places to bet: Bet on Red or Black to cover three different guesses. Like in Vegas, you can bet on a group of guesses to take a less risky bet, allowing you to grow your chip stack even when you don't know the best answer.

  • The art and components enhance the experience: Players unconsciously feel like they're high rollers in Vegas, because when the game's on the table, it looks and feels like Vegas, baby!

    You won't run out of #$%^&$ money chips anymore: The publisher heard you! They are providing more chips.