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Don Eskridge
Indie Boards and Cards

The Resistance: The Plot Thickens
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An exciting expansion with three new ways to play The Resistance (Third Edition) – The Plot Thickens, Rogue, and Sergeant modules! Also included are a full set of replacement character cards, mission cards, and new mission tracking tokens.

THE PLOT THICKENS MODULE introduces Plot cards. These provide additional opportunity for Character affiliations to be identified or concealed.

THE ROGUE MODULE: Rogue Agents march to a different drum. Whether spy or resistance, they have their own victory conditions and would rather win by themselves than see their side victorious.

THE SERGEANT MODULE: The Sergeant can be added to the game as an optional player power. The Sergeant is a player on the Mission Team with an optional ability to alter the outcome of the mission by switching another player’s played Mission card.

*NOTE* This is not the full game, The Resistance (Third Edition) is required for play.