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Roy Nambu
EmperorS4 Games 桌遊愛樂事

Crows Overkill 三千世界鴉殺盡
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為了與你安睡至早上,我將殺掉世上所有烏鴉─這是日本古代一位紅燈區客人使用三味線彈唱而創作出的老歌, 歌詞的含意是:「當烏鴉啼叫時,便是我離開之時。即使要我殺掉世上所有烏鴉,我也想跟你多聚片刻。」



"Sanzen-sekai no karasu wo koroshi, nushi to asane gam shitemitai" (translated as "I'd kill all the crows in the world to sleep with you in the morning") is an old song sung at a red-light district in the mid-1800s by one guest: TakasugiShinsaku, a central fi_gure of the early Meiji Restoration who lived a turbulent life. The saying means, "When a crow cries, I must leave this place. Even if I must kill crows all over the world, I want to stay with you a little while longer." _The song expresses his longing for amorous time to be prolonged for even just a short while.

In the game Crows Overkill, players roleplay guests in a red-light district. Many birds gather in front of each player. The players must kill or move birds to prevent them from crying. If birds in front of a player cry, that player must leave the red-light district to go home . The player who manages to stay in the red-light district for the longest time wins.

*NOTE* This is a Chinese edition, with English rules provided separately. 這是中文版,另附英文説明書。(Chinese)