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Robert Dougherty & Darwin Kastle
White Wizard Games

Star Realms: United
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Star Realms: United is an expansion for Star Realms that's packaged in 4 non-random booster packs (Assault, Command, Missions and Heroes), with each booster pack containing 12 new game cards and a rules card.

1) Assault and 2) Command

United factions combine 2 of the standard 4 factions (blue Alliance faction, green Blob faction, yellow Empire faction, red Machine Cult faction). These additions triggered a lot of ally abilities, which increased turn length and drove many really interesting card combinations.

3) Heroes

Purchased from the trade row, heroes go immediately into play and their primary and applicable faction/ally abilities activate. Heroes remain in play until their scrap abilities are activated and they are sent to the scrap heap. Same as in the Crisis Expansion, heroes cannot be attacked and are in play until scrapped.

4) Missions

3 mission cards are given to each player during game setup. Each mission card provides a single use ability if certain objectives are met. If all 3 of a player’s missions are completed, that player wins regardless of remaining authority.

*NOTE* This is not a complete game, Star Realms is needed for play.