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Edward Chan
Capstone HK Ltd.

Pinocchio: True or False
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Since Pinocchio has come to the Carpenter's house, the Carpenter is no longer lonely. However, because naughty Pinocchio lies too often, he gradually fails to distinguish between true and false. Therefore, one day, the Angel told Pinocchio: "If you can finish an adventure on your own without telling any lies and detect the lies of the others in the journey, you will become a 'real' boy." Can Pinocchio eventually become a real boy and live happily ever after with the Carpenter?

Pinocchio: True or False is an enlightening and bonding storytelling game. A player draws a subject card, chooses one of the four subjects on the card, decides whether the story she is going to tell will be true or just a lie, then begins her story. The other players listen to the story to judge its veracity. After the story has been told, the one who grabs the Pinocchio doll first can ask the storyteller a question, which the storyteller must answer honestly — unless her story is a lie, of course, in which case she can say what she wants.

Each player then secretly votes on whether or not the story was a lie. Those who guess incorrectly must take a wooden nose block and make Pinocchio's nose grow by stacking their block onto his ever-lengthening nose. When a player places the nose block, the tree rings on the block must be fully covered and not visible. If any blocks fall, whoever caused this gets an "Angel Token". When a player gets his third angel token, the game ends after this round, and the player with the fewest angel tokens win.

In order to make gameplay more challenging, if half or more players guess correctly as to whether the story is or isn't true, the storyteller must also add a block to the nose. Therefore, the storyteller should do her best to make the story confusing.