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Suggested Age:
6 and up
No. of Players:
2 - 4
Game Duration:
45 minutes
Susan McKinley Ross

Qwirkle Trio
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Mix and match tiles in classic Qwirkle fashion, now with THREE ways to play!

Classic Qwirkle
Align tiles that are all one color OR all one shape. 
Every time you play a tile, you get as many points as there are total tiles in that line. Five tiles = five points! Six tiles? Now, that's a QWIRKLE - you get twelve points! The player with the most points wins!

Qwirkle Select
Game play is exactly like Classic Qwirkle, with two exceptions:
First, you use a modular game board. Second, you play using Star Coins. If you land on a Star Coin, thank your lucky stars. Use the Star Coin to steal any tile from the board and use it as your own.

Qwirkle Connect
Bonus point opportunities come to original Qwirkle! 
24 tiles on the modular board. Connect these starter tiles to earn your bonus points. Create longer connections and score more points. Sharp vision and the right tiles will get you bonuses and land the big scores!

Qwirkle Trio brings 3 times the excitement to Qwirkle play!