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10 and up
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2 - 6
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60 minutes
Ramy Badie
Unstable Games

Here to Sleigh: A Here to Slay Expansion Pack
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Dashing through the snow, an expanded Here to Sleigh! In this festive Here to Slay expansion pack, you’ll find new card types, fun holiday artwork, and a brand new win condition! Complete objectives and gather Gift cards in your quest to win the game. But watch out, because not every Gift will be exactly what you expect. Good Gifts will get you closer to victory, but Garbage Gifts come with negative effects. The first person to gather three Good Gifts wins the game!

This holiday expansion pairs with the Here to Slay, a strategic roleplaying game from the creators of Unstable Unicorns. Build a party of valiant heroes, use Magic and Item cards to gain an edge, or roll the dice and try to slay a monster. With different roles to play and over 130 cards, every game is bound to be different.

  • 4 Holiday Overlay Cards for your Party Leader
  • 20 standard-sized cards
  • 22 Gift cards
  • 4 Checklist cards
  • 10 Checklist clips
  • 1 rule book

*NOTE* This is not a complete game, Here to Slay is required for play.