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14 and up
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1 - 4
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60 minutes
Michael Boggs, Nate French, Caleb Grace
Fantasy Flight Games

Marvel Champions: Hero Pack Collection 1
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Marvel Champions: Hero Pack - Collection 1 is a pack of six ready-made hero decks. Each character has unique abilities, making them one tight-knit team!

The set includes:
  • Captain America, who with his courage and heroism is an inspiration to his comrades.
  • Ms. Marvel, a flexible agent who will fit into any role.
  • Thor, who is worthy to wield the mythical hammer.
  • Black Widow, who is a secret spy, assassin and heroine all in one.
  • Doctor Strange, who keeps our dimension safe.
  • The Hulk, who is just waiting to unleash his wrath!

Marvel Champions: the Card Game is a cooperative living card game where players take on the role of Marvel heroes to thwart the wicked plans of their opponents. Throughout the game, you'll summon iconic allies, don powerful weapons and armor, and use devastating tactics to defeat the villains of the Marvel universe.

*NOTE* This is not a complete game, Marvel Champions: The Card Game is required for play.