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8 and up
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2 - 4
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60 minutes
Eros Lin, Chauhsin Chou
EmperorS4 Games 桌遊愛樂事

Sorcerer & Stones 御石仙人傳
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"Xian", or the "godly spirit," is the final form that a human can become through the act of training and enlightenment. A Xian is practically immortal, and possesses godly powers. During the early Qin Dynasty, many Taoists are obsessed with the idea of Xian, and study the act of Xian intensely, looking for all possible ways to increase their chance of enlightenment. Many fascinating legends are the results of such obsessions. During the game, players will travel back to the ancient kingdom, and attempt to attain enlightenment by controlling spiritual stones and "Qi," the life energy. By studying under Taoism, players will race to see who can rise among their peers, and be the first one to become a Xian and achieve immortality.


Sorcerer & Stones has a unique and innovative mechanism. By using magic cards to manipulate Alchemy Zone, you can move or rotate the zones or you can swap the Spirit Stones on top to connect the lines and receive Spirit Stones. Also, there are 2 variation of game play, one is a training mode, the other is a cooperative mode that 1-4 player can participate together.

As a Taoist pursuing Xian, each round Player may choose 1 or 2 magic card to activate and manipulate the Alchemy Zones in order to gain Spirit Stones. Any Stones on your Alchemy Zone forms a line of 2 or 3 of the same color, you may receive 1 of the stones, at the same time, the spirit will move in the elemental zone to collect runes. Once you have enough Spirit Stones, you may craft Artifacts that will help you gain more points.

When one player collected all the runes or all the Qi Refining stones has been taken, the game is over and the player with the most points wins.


《御石仙人傳》富有靈活的策略操縱性,玩家在遊戲中利用手牌驅動煉丹板塊,使其旋轉、移動或交換煉丹陣上靈石的位置,讓各種元素靈石能夠達成多條連線,藉此取得特定的五行靈石,便可以打造專屬的神器,提升自己的仙術。除此之外,遊戲更內建「智能修煉」模式,適合1-4名玩家進行個人或團隊修煉,即使只有一個人,也可從中精練自己的煉丹能力,藉此取得至高的S級上仙 成就。


玩家扮演一名道術仙人,在遊戲的回合內必須從手上4張仙術卡中,選擇1或2張卡片來施放仙術,使自己停留的煉丹陣上的靈石達成「同色2 個相鄰」、或「同色3 個連成一線」,就能成功取得該元素靈石,同時可操縱「仙靈」前往對應的元素陣當中,以獲取高分數的符文獎勵。蒐集一定的靈石即可打造神兵利器以提升自己的仙術。當任何一名玩家蒐集了各種符文、或所有氣煉石被拿取完畢,遊戲結束。由分數最高的玩家勝出。


*NOTE* This is an English, Chinese bilingual edition. 這是中,英二語版。(Chinese)