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4 - 8
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Ludovic Maublanc

Ca$h 'n Gun$ (Second Edition)
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★★★ 2008 JoTa Best Party Board Game Winner ★★★

The big heist may have been a success, but it all goes wrong when every crook wants a bigger cut. With this much money on the table, bullets speak louder than words!

In Ca$h 'n Gun$ (Second Edition), players will point foam pistols at each other and try to intimidate their opponents into letting them have the largest share. The bravest crooks enjoy the most money – but only if they live long enough to spend it!

• Fast-paced and action packed,
• Hilarious art from fan-favorite John Kovalic,
• Even more entertainment than the first edition!

Upgrade from the First Edition to Second Edition:
• The Second Edition accommodates up to 8 players, instead of topping out at 6,
• "Bang! Bang! Bang!" cards have been removed,
• The players' special power cards are different,
• 1 player is the Boss, running the round and having immunity from one threat,
• Instead of just being cash, loot now consists of cash, diamonds, art, and other items, with players choosing them round-robin fashion starting with the Boss, instead of splitting the money evenly,
• Elimination of coward tokens,
• Elimination of Undercover cop variant.

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