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45 minutes
Chris Darsaklis
Repos Production

When I Dream
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★★★ 2018 UK Games Expo Best Party Game People's Choice Winner ★★★
★★★ 2018 UK Games Expo Best Party Game Judges Award Winner ★★★

When I Dream
 is a deduction party game with a really interesting and unique theme about dreaming!

Each round one player will “fall asleep” by wearing a cloth mask and the other players will take a secret role card which will determine their spirit affiliation. Spirits can be “good”, helping the dreamer figure out their dream, “naughty”, trying to confuse the dreamer, and finally “tricksters”, playing with the dreamer’s mind by both helping and confusing him in order to maintain balance and have fun! During a round, “Dream” cards will be drawn, determining what the dreamer sees and what the spirits will describe depending on their secret role. At last, after 120 seconds of dreaming (guessing correctly or not “Dream” cards), the dreamer must use the words he guessed and his imagination to describe his dream for some extra points.

This is a game with some dreamy art by the well-known Vincent Dutrait and Christophe Swal.