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1 - 6
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< 30 minutes
Justin Oh
Korea Boardgames co., Ltd.

Gemblo 젬블로
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The most popular Korean Game is now available in Malaysia!

 (젬블로) is an abstract strategy game with translucent, colored pieces, each of which is made up of 1 to 5 hexagons. Each player has an identical set of pieces in a unique color. The goal is to get rid of all of your pieces by placing them on the hexagonal game board. Each piece that you place after the first cannot touch previously-placed pieces of the same color; instead each piece must be a distance of "1" from another piece of the same color, where 1 is the length of a side of one of the small hexagons. Another restriction is that the distance being measured can't directly cross another player's piece, but it can lie at the junction of two pieces. Once all players have placed as many pieces as they can, they count the number of hexagonal units in the pieces they couldn't place, and the player with the lowest score wins.

Gemblo supports up to 6 players. In the 2-player version of the game, each player uses 2 colors of pieces.

“I found out that while Gemblo is similar to Blokus, it's a superior game in many ways and is one of the nicest looking games I own. Gemblo is one of the easiest, fun multiplayer abstract games I've played in a long while. Its fast, rewards good strategy, and can be taught quickly.” - Tom Vasel, Dice Tower

"This game scales perfectly from 2 to 6 players. It's beautiful to look at, fun to play and easy to learn. A must have for any collection." - M C from

"Fast, beautiful abstract game. Not too much of a brain burner. A very pleasant gaming experience." - Richard Reilly from

“ Gemblo …makes Blokus seem a bit light. Gemblo is a similar game, but … playing with all six people is insane and wonderful. I highly recommend it…” - Chris Fenwick from

*NOTE* Both English & Korean rules are included.