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Antoine Bauza

7 Wonders (1st Edition)
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*NOTE* This edition is now out of print & is replaced by 7 Wonders (2nd Edition).

"Lead one of the seven great cities of the Ancient world... Leave your mark in the history of civilization by building an architectural marvel that will transcend the ages to come."

7 Wonders - a multiple awards winning game - takes place over three Ages. Each Age, players will develop their cities and build their Wonder. At the end of three Ages, the player with the most points wins the game. Points can be won from diverse sources - including military victories, wealth, city structures, science, guilds, and Wonders - allowing a wide variety of paths to victory.

2011 (Russia) Game of the Year
2011 (Russia) Best Card Game
2011 Lucca Games Best of Show (Italy), Winner, Best Card Game
2011 Guldbrikken - Årets Voksenspil (DK) Game of the year - Adult
2011 JoTa - Best Medium/Light Game (Critic and Audience)
2011 JoTa - Best Card-Game (Critic and Audience)
2011 JoTa - Best Graphics and Presentation (Critic)
2011 A la Carte (Fairplay), Winner
2011 International Gamers Awards, General Straregy - Multi-player, Winner
2011 Deutscher Spiele Preis, Winner
2011 Vuoden aikuistenpeli (Finland)
Finalista JdA 2011 (Game of the Year award in Spain - Finalist) (Spain)
2011 Polish Game of the Year 2011 (nomination)
2011 Kennerspiel des Jahres (Germany)
2011 Swiss Gamers Award
2011 Golden Ace (France), Jury Prize ("As d'Or - Jeu de l'Année - Prix du Jury - Cannes 2011"), Winner
2010 Tric Trac d'or (France), Game of the Year, Winner
2010, Chinese Market Potential Hit Award
2011 Pfefferkuchel 2011
2010 Dice Tower Game of the Year
2010 Dice Tower Best Artwork
2011 Juego del Año Tico.
2011 Gouden Ludo Winner
2010 Meeples Choice Awards