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8 and up
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1 - 5
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< 30 minutes
Torsten Landsvogt
Jolly Thinkers

Pick-a-Pig 豬朋狗友-豬營
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This award winning, unique Party Card Game will provide hours of fun in any setting!

While Farmer Henry is enjoying red wine in his newly-built colossal basement, the piggies in the barn are also partying for fun! Impish as they are, they're really organized when it comes to forming groups for games. Recruit your team carefully, but not too slowly!

Shuffle the cards and lay out a grid of 5 x 6 or 7 x 7 cards. Give each player a secret card. On “Go” all players begin collecting cards… either identical or with only one difference — until someone calls “STOP”. There are 5 attributes shown on each card: 1. Size of the animal 2. Color of the animal 3. With one/two arms 4. With/without sunglasses 5. With/without popcorn Combine both games & add a 6th attribute : 6. Type of Animal (nose) Check each player’s stack, if there is any card out – of – sequence, they loose them all! If the cards are in order, they keep them all… each card is worth a point. The player with the most points win!

Pick-a-Pig features the same gameplay as Pick-a-Dog, with the only difference being that piggie snouts in one game are replaced with dog noses in the other. An individual game supports 1-5 players, while combined they support up to 8 players.



1. 搶牌!- 拿取的牌,跟上一張最多只可有一項不同!
2. 喊停!- 首先正確喊停才有獎!
3. 準確!- 任何錯誤,將令你失去剛剛搶得的所有牌!


*NOTE* This is an English, Chinese bilingual edition. 這是中,英二語版。(Chinese)