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90 minutes
Rob Daviau, Eric M. Lang

Cthulhu: Death May Die - R'lyeh Rising
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Let's not be coy, the heart and soul of the R'lyeh Rising expansion is its colossal figure of Cthulhu! This cyclopean creation is something never before seen in the world of board gaming. Its base is 44 x 44 cm wide, and it stands 57 cm tall to the tip of its wings. In fact, this thing is so huge that his base becomes the board on which the game is played! This plastic statue was sculpted in terrifying detail and will come pre-assembled, with the exception of the clip-on wings, so it can be proudly displayed for all to see.

R'lyeh Rising is a wholly unique Episode, the epic finale to Death May Die, not only bringing its own set of tokens, Discovery cards, Monster cards, and Mythos cards, but also drastic changes to the game's base rules, as the figures move and act freely upon the behemoth's rocky base.

In R'lyeh Rising, the ritual has already been completed. Cthulhu’s appearance is imminent. The world as we know it is doomed.

However, we’ve got one last chance! Investigators travel to the realms of R'lyeh itself in an attempt to destroy Cthulhu in transit between the two worlds!

In this final episode, the action takes place on Cthulhu as the board itself. with figures moving freely upon the terrain with the aid of a movement ruler. Investigators must defeat Cthulhu one stage at a time, like a regular Elder One fight - except they may only attack one area of the Elder One at a time.

R'lyeh Rising comes with its own Mythos deck featuring additional Monster summoning and unspeakable events generated by Cthulhu’s presence. You must stop Cthulhu before he enters our world!

*NOTE* This is not a complete game Cthulhu: Death May Die is required for play.