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News & Updates

  1. March 2019 New Playsets!

    11th March 2019

    With over 400 GAMES available to play (and adding more all the time!), Meeples Cafe is certainly THE MOST PLAYFUL cafe in town!

    So sit back with a NUTELLA milkshake or latte and try something new with us today!

    ★ New Titles ★ (1) Codenames (Malaysia Edition)(2) Streams 數字火車(3) The River(4) Sherlook(5) Reef(6) Stick Stack 籤籤入扣(7) Mmm! 鼠國英雄(8) Fold-it 摺足先登(9) Brix 爭牆鬥勝(10) Da Vinci Code 終極密碼(11) Toc Toc Woodman 伐木達人(12) Debtzilla.

    PS: See the current list of available game sets here.

  2. Star Wars: Destiny - Introductory Evening

    4th March 2019

    We’re proud to announce our very first event for Star Wars: Destiny – a collectible dice and card game by Fantasy Flight Games. Whether you are new or a veteran of this fantastic game, all are welcomed to join this Free Event. There are Free Promo Cards & Lucky Draw Prizes to be won too!

    Check out the event details here.




  3. February Shipments 2 of 2

    27th February 2019

    The second batch of our February shipments is here! All reservations for are ready for collection too!

    Email us ( or your FLGS to book your games now!





  4. Codenames - Malaysia Edition

    21st February 2019

    Codenames - Malaysia Edition the World's No. 1 Part Game is now available!

    ★ 2016 UK Games Expo Best Party Game Winner
    ★ 2016 Spiel des Jahres Winner
    ★ 2016 Gouden Ludo Best Family Game Winner
    ★ 2015 Meeples' Choice Winner
    ★ 2015 Golden Geek Best Party Board Game Winner
    ★ 2015 Golden Geek Best Family Board Game Winner
    ★ 2015 Cardboard Republic Socializer Laurel Winner

    This Malaysia Edition features additional 2 Bonus Packs which contain 20 double-sided cards with 40 unique words based on Malaysian culture and lingo.

    It's undoubtedly one of the best gift for your family, friends & yourself!

    Grab a copy at our cafe or webstore now!

  5. February Shipments 1 of 2

    18th February 2019

    The first batch of our February shipments is here! And the second batch will be here next week. Stay tuned!

    All reservations are ready for collection too!

    Email us ( or your FLGS to book your games & events now!




  6. Lord of the Chords

    17th February 2019

    Kirsten Long:

    "This beautiful game (1-min teaser video) has recently achieved over 600% of their funding goal on kickstarter!!!!!

    Ladies and gents, I present to you, The Lord of the Chords! The Punniest Music Theory Game!

    Head on down to Kickstarter and/or check them out via Lord of the Chords!

    A more in depth gameplay will be released really soon. Stay tuned!"

  7. CNY Holidays & Games 新年•假期•桌游

    1st February 2019

    Are You Ready for Chinese New Year?


    Recommended Games for CNY / 新年推荐:

    1) 3 Leg Mahjong 三脚麻将 2019 (Click here for CNY Promotion 双喜临门促销)
    2) Nian the Beast 年兽 (Click here for CNY Promotion 双喜临门促销)

    PS: We will be closed from 4th - 11th Feb. 2019. Wish you a New Year filled with Prosperity, Joy, and Happiness! Gong Xi Fa Cai! 想要买些桌游回家过年的童鞋们,赶紧在星期日前过来哦!祝大家2019年福气满满,好运连连!猪事如意,棋开得胜!


  8. The Azul Experience

    25th January 2019

    Two days of FREE participation for Learning and Playing the multi-award winning Board Game of Year 2018, Azul, at Meeples Cafe.

    There will be LUCKY DRAW too! See full details here.






  9. Happy Thaipusam!

    21st January 2019

    Wishing all our Hindus friends a blessed Thaipusam!

    May this colourful festival bring joy and happiness to all.

    For our friends from abroad: Malaysia is a beautiful country filled with multi-cultural races. Thaipusam is a major celebration for the Malaysian Hindu community of Tamil descent.

    Photo Courtesy of Siva Kumar.



  10. New Games for CNY! 新年怎麼能少了桌遊!

    20th January 2019

    I’m sure you will need a game or 2 for your Chinese New Year gatherings isn’t it? We’ve brought in some new/restock, exciting, bilingual games just for you!

    新年快到咯!見到親朋戚友時,還在被詢問另一半、事業、學業嗎? 趕快拿些桌遊出來引開他們的注意力吧!我們這裏新進了幾款可以讓您PARTY到天亮的游戲哦!

    See Details Here. / 詳情請按這裏.