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News & Updates

  1. May 2015 Shipment (2 of 2) - Arrived!

    28th May 2015

    The SECOND WAVE is here!:

    New Games: Yedo, Hanabi Deluxe, Pretty Pretty Smash Up, Democracy: Majority Rules, Summoner Wars: Alliances Master Set & more!

    Revised Games: Lost Cities, Mage Wars Arena, Paths of Glory, San Juan, Tigris & Euphrates & more!

    Restock Games: The Resistance: Avalon, Star Realms, Munchkin Deluxe, Get Bit! Deluxe, Imperial Settlers & more!

    View the full list of the latest arrivals HERE!

  2. Game of the Week: Rings Up!

    26th May 2015

    GAME OF THE WEEK (26th - 31st May 2015)

    "Rings Up!" is what you'll say if you're faster than the other players in arranging the colorful rings onto your thumb (in the right order) in this colorful dexterity game!


    * Visit Meeples Cafe this week to try Rings Up! for FREE!
    Rings Up! Biblios this week at 20% off (for member) or 10% off (for non-member)!


  3. May 2015 Shipment (1 of 2) - Arrived!

    20th May 2015

    The first (smaller) of the 2 May 2015 shipments came in yesterday! Here are some of the games that landed at Meeples:

    Colt Express, Elysium, Werewolves: The Pact, Witness, Five Tribes, Catan (5th Edition) series, restock of 7 Wonders, Splendor, Dobble, Cyclades, Fresco, Caverna, Libertalia etc.

    View the full list of the latest arrivals here!

    UPDATE: Added all the new arrival games into Meeples' Online Store - You can now purchase the new & restock games online & we'll ship them to your doorstep for FREE!

  4. Game of the Week: Biblios

    19th May 2015

    GAME OF THE WEEK (19th - 25th May 2015)

    In Biblios - players assume the role of medieval monks seeking to increase the abbey's prestige by building and maintaining the best library of sacred and profane books. The game combines an interesting card drafting mechanic with auctions to create a tense, but fun, gaming experience.

    * Visit Meeples Cafe this week to try Biblios for FREE!
    Buy Biblios this week at 20% off (for member) or 10% off (for non-member)!

  5. Loonacy - The Maniacal Matching Card Game

    12th May 2015

    GAME OF THE WEEK (12th - 17th May 2015)

    *The Maniacal Matching Card Game*

    Loonacy is a rapid fire game where players race to be the 1st to empty their hand by matching 1 of 2 images with the images on the open piles in front of them.  It’s easy enough to teach in a single sentence, and so addictive you can’t play just one game. Speed of the hand and luck of the draw determine the winner in this frenzied free-for-all!

    * Visit Meeples Cafe this week to try Loonacy for FREE!
    Buy Loonacy this week at 20% off (for member) or 10% off (for non-member)!

  6. Game of the Week: Keyflower

    5th May 2015

    GAME OF THE WEEK (5th - 10th May 2015)

    *Winner of 2012 JOGO DO ANO (Portugal's Game of the Year Award)*

    In Keyflower, players work to build a settlement over 4 seasons. Each of the first 3 rounds has new workers come in on boats and players use these exact workers to bid on turn order or new buildings to add to their settlement or to activate tiles and perform their specific action which might have them gather resources, tools, points, or new workers. At the end of the 4th round, the player that has accumulated the most points through their actions, resources, and tiles wins.

    * Visit Meeples Cafe this week to try Keyflower for FREE!
    Buy Keyflower this week at 20% off (for member) or 10% off (for non-member)!

  7. Avengers, Assemble!

    3rd May 2015

    Can't get enough of Avengers: Age of Ultron? Revisit the movie's world in this Marvel Universe-based deck-building game!

    The "Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game" review today (3rd May, 2015) is the 5th of the 12 monthly "Novel Games" review in 2015, a collaboration between Meeples & The Star. There's also a 20% discount coupon at the bottom of the review, which you can use to purchase the board game at Meeples!

    PS: You can read the review online here.


  8. Featured on China Press (中國報)!

    17th April 2015

    Thank you China Press (中國報) for the great publicity!

    Read the full article here.


    *From Wikipedia: China Press (中國報)'s daily circulation of 220,000 makes it the 2nd-best selling Chinese daily newspaper in Malaysia.


  9. Star Wars Goodies Restocked!

    15th April 2015

    Star Wars: ArmadaDeath Star AssaultStarfield Playmat, X-Wing Base Game & X-WingTIE AdvancedTIE InterceptorB-Wing are restocked! 

    Limited copies of 'Warhammer 40,000: Conquest - The Threat Beyond' are available too!

    PS: Feel free to email for reservation.

  10. Official King of Tokyo Tournament

    13th April 2015

    Win the exclusive Space Penguin character for King of Tokyo + an opportunity to play at the US Championship at GenCon 2015. All 25 participants will receive a pack of 11 King of Tokyo promo cards too!

    Complete your registration NOW & start practicing to be the King of Tokyo

    Read more Details about the tournament here.