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60 minutes
Peter Sarrett
R&R Games

Time's Up! Deluxe (Second Edition)
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*** 2000 Australian Games Association Game of the Year Winner ***
*** 2000 Mensa Select ***
*** 2004 Major Fun Award Winner ***
*** 2006 Golden Ace, French Game of the Year ***
*** 2009 Golden Geek Best Party Board Game Winner ***

Say it, sound it, act it.  It's a 3-round race through the Deck of Fame!

Big names and big fun come together with Time's Up!® - The party-perfect game that builds up the laughs and excitement in 3 hilarious rounds. Time is ticking as you pair up and try to get your partner to guess as many celebrity names in the Deck of Fame as possible. Rounds get trickier as the game goes on. Can you describe Hans Solo? How about in just one word? Great, but now it's rounds three ... BE Hans Solo! 

In this NEW Deluxe Edition, we took the best of our original Time's Up!® game and its expansion sets, then doubled that with all new names! Comes with over 1000 names, an electronic timer, PLUS rules for a new 4th round of "freeze-frame" fun and laughter!