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Suggested Age:
8 and up
No. of Players:
2 - 5
Game Duration:
90 minutes
Michael Haverty, Philippe Keyaerts, Jason Oman
Days of Wonder

Small World: Grand Dames of Small World
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In this expansion:

  • When Priestesses go In Decline, they concentrate their forces by re-grouping in their Ivory Tower for defense, but still earn a full-measure of Victory coins.
  • Gypsies are always on the lookout for more riches. They can even earn Victory coins for regions they abandon.
  • Stronger in death than in life, the White Ladies become immune to conquests and Special Powers when In Decline. You better take care of them, before it is too late...
  • The Historian chronicles the rise and fall of civilizations - and gets a bonus Victory coin whenever a race goes In Decline.
  • Make love, not war! Even in Small World, sometimes the peacemaker comes out ahead - Peace-loving races collect 3 bonus coins for any turn they refuse to attack another active race.


  • 3 new Race banners and tokens
  • 2 new Special Power badges 
  • 1 spare Special Power badge

 This is not the full game, Small World is required for play.