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10 and up
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1 - 4
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45 minutes
Randy Flynn & Aske Christiansen
(web published)

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★ 2022 Spiel des Jahres Winner: Cascadia 


Cascadia is a puzzly tile-laying and token-drafting game featuring the habitats and wildlife of the Pacific Northwest.

In the game, you take turns building out your own terrain area and populating it with wildlife. You start with three hexagonal habitat tiles (with five types of habitat in the game), and on a turn you choose a new habitat tile that's paired with a wildlife token, then place that tile next to your other ones and place the wildlife token on an appropriate habitat. (Each tile depicts 1-3 types of wildlife from the five types in the game, and you can place at most one tile on a habitat.) Four tiles are on display, with each tile being paired at random with a wildlife token, so you must make the best of what's available — unless you have a nature token to spend so that you can pick your choice of each item.

Ideally you can place habitat tiles to create matching terrain that reduces fragmentation and creates wildlife corridors, mostly because you score for the largest area of each type of habitat at game's end, with a bonus if your group is larger than each other player's. At the same time, you want to place wildlife tokens so that you can maximize the number of points scored by them, with the wildlife goals being determined at random by one of the four scoring cards for each type of wildlife. Maybe hawks want to be separate from other hawks, while foxes want lots of different animals surrounding them and bears want to be in pairs. Can you make it happen?

★ 2022 Kennerspiel des Jahres Winner: Living Forest 


In Living Forest, you play as a nature spirit who will try to save the forest and its sacred tree from the flames of Onibi. But you are not alone in your mission as the animal guardians have come together to lend a hand around the Circle of Spirits where you progress. Each turn, they bring you valuable elements, so try to combine your team of animal guardians as best as possible to carry out your actions, but be careful, some of them are lonely and do not like to be mixed with others...

You have one of three ways to acheive your goal: by planting 12 different Protective Trees, by collecting 12 Sacred Flowers to awaken Sanki the great Guardian of the Forest, by extinguishing 12 Fires to permanently repel Onibi.

Each turn includes 3 phases:
• Guardian Animals (simultaneous push your luck phase) : You draw and turn face up, one after the other, the Guardian Animal cards from your personal stack. You thus form the Animal Guardian Help Line. You can stop drawing cards whenever you want. However, if you reveal a card showing a third solitary symbol, then you must stop drawing cards. This card closes your Help Line.
• Action phase: You play in turn. If your Help Line shows strictly less than three solitary symbols (not canceled by gregarious symbols), you can then perform 2 different Actions. If your Help Line shows three solitary symbols (not canceled by gregarious symbols), you can then perform only 1 Action. The strength of an Action is determined by the number of corresponding Elements visible on the Guardian Animal cards in your Help Line and on your Forest individual board.
• End of the turn:
Onibi is attacking you: If some Fires remain at the center of the Circle of Spirits and that you cannot resist them, then add as many Fire Varan cards to your discard stack as there are Fire tiles at the center of the Circle of Spirits.
Onibi is attacking the Sacred Tree: Add as many Fires to the center of the Circle of Spirits as there are Guardian Animal cards taken this turn.
- The arrival of new Guardian Animals: Complete the Guardian Animal reserve by revealing as many new cards per level as there were cards taken this turn.
- Giving the Sacred Tree: Give the Sacred Tree to the next Spirit of Nature clockwise.
- The Return of Guardian Animals: Move all the Animal Guardian cards from your Help Line to your personal discard stack.

The game stops at the end of a complete turn when one of the Spirit of Nature has managed to collect at choice and at least 12 different Protective Trees OR 12 Fires OR 12 Sacred Flowers.