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Alan R. Moon
Days of Wonder

Ticket to Ride - 15th Anniversary Edition
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★★★ 2004 Winner of 2004 Spiel des Jahres (Germany's Game of the Year) Award ★★★
★★★ 2006 Japan Boardgame Prize Best Japanese Game Winner ★★★
★★★ 2006 Hra roku Winner ★★★
★★★ 2005 Vuoden Peli Family Game of the Year Winner ★★★
★★★ 2005 Juego del Año Winner ★★★
★★★ 2005 Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming Winner ★★★
★★★ 2005 Årets Spel Best Family Game Winner ★★★
★★★ 2004 Origins Awards Best Board Game Winner ★★★
★★★ 2004 Meeples' Choice Award ★★★
★★★ 2004 Japan Boardgame Prize Best Advanced Game Winner ★★★
★★★ 2004 International Gamers Awards - General Strategy; Multi-player ★★★

Ticket to Ride
 celebrates its 15th anniversary in style with this new edition celebrating years of adventures on the rails!

This edition features translucent train cars and a special booklet detailing the history of the game.

In Ticket to Ride, players build tracks across the United States. Players compete for train cards that allow them claim routes between iconic American cities. Points are earned for every route completed, but ticket cards can earn players many more points if they connect the two cities shown on the ticket. But they must be careful: uncompleted tickets will cost players points!