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Holger Bösch
Z-Man Games

Dark Stories (1, 2 & Real Crime)
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Are you afraid of blood? Dark Stories has arrived to Malaysia with its gruesome crime puzzles and morbid tales... Can you solve them all? For strong stomachs only.

What is it exactly?

Dark stories is a game for 2 or more players, ages 13 and up and plays in about 2 minutes… or more. That’s right. You could play this game with an infinite amount of friends for an infinite amount of time! That makes it a great party game for family reunions as well as gaming nights with friends. They’ll all want to be the one to solve the mystery before it gets under their skin and crawls up to the back of their head.

How do you play?

To put it in a few words, Dark stories is a yes-no question-based mystery-solving game. Each small box contain a three steps instruction booklet – the three of them insisting on the importance of the yes-no question mechanism – and a deck of 50 double-sided cards (total 150 cards), which are the said 50 cases. These 50 twisted riddles go from pity accidents to morbid murders or suicides.

A game starts when a player picks a card. This player becomes the “master” and he has to read the story on the front side of the card. Then, he might also show the complementary drawing to the other players. Behind the card is written the mystery’s solution that the master needs to keep for himself.

The next thing to do is to ask the other players what they think happened, and that’s it. Their job is now to ask yes-no questions to the master in order to get closer to the truth behind the creepy riddle.

How does it end?

Dark stories is an ever going game that never really ends, for any unsolved mystery will follow you in your sleep and torment for eternity.

You could always attempt to solve the 150 bloody puzzles in one night of hair-pulling nightmare, but that’d be at the risk of your own sanity.

*NOTE* This is a reprint of Black Stories.