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60 minutes
Keewoong Kim
Korea Boardgames co., Ltd.

King's Pouch
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Rule by the Power of the Pouch!

In King's Pouch (잘그락 왕국), you you take the role of a feudal lord in a kingdom divided by internal strife, fighting for supremacy and looking to write your name in the chronicles of time.

The goal is clear, but the path is yours to decide: Will you be a valiant protector of the royal family? Or a warlord, taking what you want by force? Or will you fail to achieve your goal and be lost among the anonymous masses? Take up the King's Pouch and find out!

King's Pouch is a "pouch-building" a.k.a. "bag-building" strategy game set in a medieval kingdom. Each round offers tough choices on how to expand your pool of citizens and buildings. Using the resources you acquire, you may raise powerful armies or secure the support of powerful characters. In the game, you will use several kinds of citizens (cubes and prisms) in different ways, with the ultimate goal of earning prestige points. Your pool of citizens is represented by your pouch: You draw available citizens from there and return used citizens to the pouch only when you cannot draw any more because it is empty. (This concept is similar to the deck-building concept seen in other games.)

The game takes place over nine rounds. At the end of rounds 3, 6 and 9, a great council allows for the scoring of additional prestige points from influential characters and conquered territories. After the ninth round, the game ends with the third great council and a final scoring in which you can gain or lose points depending on your corrupt officials and buildings, then the player with the most prestige points wins.

*NOTE* Both English & Korean rules are included.