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Gun-Hee Kim
Z-Man Games

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At the feet of the tower of a legendary archmage, greedy wizards have gathered. They channel their power, weaving mighty spells to oust their competitors and finally lay their hands on the magic tome that their ancestor left behind. But... what is this? The fireball fizzles! Instead of a freezing blizzard, there's only a gentle spring rain!

It seems their greed is blinding the most powerful magicians! Or is it the mysterious power of the cursed tower that confuses them? Be that as it may, they will have to gather their wits and think calmly to cast their spells safely and ascend to the top!

Abraca... what? is a family game of deduction and spellcasting. On your turn, you try to cast one of the spells you have in front of you — but it's harder than it looks because only the other players can see which spells are available to you! So with cunning wit, clever logic, and a little luck, you have to determine which spells to use against your competitors. Watch your magic words, though, because if you try to cast the wrong spell too often, you'll lose the game!

Each player has a hand of five spellstones, but each player can only see the spells the other players have, NOT his own. Players shout the name of the spell they want to cast, and if they have the corresponding spellstone, the effect will be triggered. If they don't have the corresponding stone, they will lose some life. It is possible to increase the accuracy of spellcasting by deducing the likelihood of having certain spells: the amount of stones of a given spell is known and players can always see the spellstones of other players.

Players continue to try casting spells until a player is knocked out or someone uses all of his spellstones. When the round ends, players may move up the tower according to their result and the first player to reach the top of the tower wins the game (this will take more than one round).