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Suggested Age:
12 and up
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1 - 5
Game Duration:
120 minutes
Uwe Rosenberg
Z-Man Games

Agricola (4th Edition)
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One of the greatest European-style board game of all time! 

In Agricola, you're a farmer in a wooden shack with your spouse and little else. On a turn, you get to take only two actions, one for you and one for the spouse, from all the possibilities you'll find on a farm: collecting clay, wood, or stone; building fences; and so on. You might think about having kids in order to get more work accomplished, but first you need to expand your house. And what are you going to feed all the little rugrats?

The 4th Edition of Agricola now comes with Animeeples (worth RM59) !!!

2012 BoardGameGeek Geek Madness Tournament Champion and Aldie Award Winner
2009 Game of the Year
2009 Lucca Games Best of Show (Italy), Side Award Best Game Mechanic
2009 Nederlandse Spellenprijs 2009, Winner
2009 Ludoteca Ideale 2009, Games of the Year
2009 Jogo do Ano 2008 Spiel Portugal (Portugal), Winner 
2009 Gra Roku Game of the Year (Poland), Winner
2009 Gra Roku - Gamers' Choice (Poland), Winner
2009 Gra Graczy - (Poland), Winner
2009 Golden Ace (France), Special Jury
2009 Les 3 Lys (Canada), Hobbyist Game Winner
2008 BoardGameGeek Golden Geek, Winner, Game of The Year
2008 Spiel des Jahres (Germany), Winner, Special Prize for Complex Game
81st game to be added to the Austrian Hall of Games
2008 J.U.G. (Portugal), Winner, Game of the Year
2008 Deutscher Spiele Preis (Germany), Winner, Game of the Year
2008 International Gamers Award Winner, General Strategy/Multi-player Game
2008 Hra roku (Czech Republic), Winner
2008 Spiel der Spiele (Austria) Spiele Hit für Experten
2008 Tric Trac d'or (France) Game of the Year, Winner
2008 Jda "Juego del Año en España" (Spain), Winner 
2007 Meeples' Choice Award Winner
2009 Nominated for the Juego del Año Tico