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12 and up
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2 - 8
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60 minutes
Jason C. Hill
Flying Frog Productions

A Touch of Evil: Special Edition Soundtrack
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*** A must-have for fans of the game! ***

The new Special Edition Game Soundtrack for A Touch of Evil features 18 tracks of music created specifically for the game. This includes the entire original soundtrack plus 5 new songs inspired by the expansions. The CD features new artwork and liner notes from the composer and 2 excusive new game cards only available with the Special Edition Soundtrack. 

The two new cards are "Song of the Dead," an Event card, and "Ominous Overture," a Mystery card. 

Event: Song of the Dead

"Play when a Hero is KO'd (including yourself). That Hero does not have to lose any Items, Allies, or Investigation for being KO'd. OR Play when a Town Elder is killed to immediately gain D6 Investigation."

Mystery: Ominous Overture
"At the start of each Mystery Phase (including this one), each Hero gains 1 Investigation. Any time a Hero rolls a 1 for movement, they must draw a Mystery Card instead of an Event. REMAINS IN PLAY."

This is not a complete game; it adds on to A Touch of Evil: The Supernatural Game.