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Suggested Age:
10 and up
No. of Players:
2 - 4
Game Duration:
60 minutes
Wolfgang Panning, Marco Ruskowski, Marcel S.
Queen Games

Fresco: The Glaziers
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Three additional expansions for Fresco! They can be played separately or combined – also with the expansions included in the basic game.

The Wishing Well
Throw a coin into the wishing well and you will get an extra benefit.
You might find a purse in the theatre and receive a reward for return.
Or the friendly marketer presents you an extra paint…..

The Gold Leaf
At some market booths you can receive a gold leaf to intensify the shine of the paint.
The bishop will be thrilled!

The Glaziers:
As an additional action you can buy glass in different colours and build windows in the Cathedral. Even the plain looking parts of the fresco will appear now in a dazzling light.

*NOTE* This is not the complete game, Fresco is required for play.