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Alessandro Zucchini
Rio Grande Games

Wool Rules
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Since Jacques, the sheep-shearing commissioner of the herd, was given new scissors, the Snips 2010, the sheep fear him more than ever. He constantly wants to get their wool. For this reason, the head ram, Roger, announces that from today on, all sheep may defend their coats. Whoever performs well stays covered. Whoever gambles unsuccessfully does not escape unshorn. 

Wool Rules is a contest in sheep’s wool for talented dice throwers.

You roll the dice for the most valuable sheep cards. You make a bet for how high you'll roll. If you succeed, you may choose from the best cards. If you fail to meet your bet, other players may take the cards. Whoever goes last does not roll, but simply gets the remaining cards (if there are any!).

At the end of the game, you count up your sheep (points). In addition, you get points if a sheep dog guards your herd. The player who has the most points wins.

  • 60 cards (8 sheep dogs, 1 bone, 51 sheep)
  • 25 wool chips
  • 6 bidding tables
  • 6 miniature clips
  • 3 dice
  • rule booklet