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8 and up
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2 - 4
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< 30 minutes
Donald X. Vaccarino
Rio Grande Games

Dominion: Intrigue
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Dominion: Intrigue follows in the footsteps of the multi-award winning Dominion card game. 

In Dominion, you start life as the ruler of a few estates with not much money in the treasury. But it is enough to start building the prosperous kingdom you have always dreamed of!

By managing your money cleverly and hiring the right minions, you will soon rule over many people and provinces. Employ Saboteurs, Scouts, Stewards and many other services to expand your power and treasury. To win, build a greater kingdom than all the other players in this addictive and highly replayable game. 

For variety, you can choose 10 from out of 25 different "Kingdom" cards to play with during any one game. This range of card combinations allows for fresh playing experiences and new strategies.

*NOTE* Dominion: Intrigue can be played as a standalone game, or combined with the original Dominion